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In Pursuit of Scientific Excellence

Being a part of the InTechOpen community means believing in two simple truths – that, by nature, science is a collaborative discipline and that knowledge is contagious. Based on this credo, our founders have spent a decade working on an open, fully accessible, and democratic platform where scientific research is exchanged between scholars and those keen to explore and learn.

Thanks to our founders and those they have inspired, today InTechOpen is defined by a singular holistic mission – to foster scientific progress through worldwide collaboration culminating in peer-reviewed research that can be openly accessed and shared by academics and independent scholars alike.

Our three pillars are scientific excellence, the democratization of scholarly research, and expeditious circulation of knowledge. These core tenants are not limited to academic articles, but also include books, which means Open Access to them is both free of charge and copyright restrictions. In exchange, we offer authors the promise of integrity, citability, and public acknowledgment, as well as a global academic audience.

Our Open Access Publishing Model

InTechOpen’s Open Access publishing and distribution model retains the rigorous integrity and quality of academic publishing while leaving behind the bureaucratic elements of traditional publishing that can often hinder the exposure of quality scholarly work.

In the spirit of academic collaboration and democracy, our worldwide community of scholars and scientists offers peer-reviewed research, as well as quality editorial and academic input.

Our Open Access philosophy helps authors to increase the visibility of their work through international exposure of their publications. It also guarantees control over the integrity of their publications as authors retain the copyright to their works.

Our publications focus on the following subject areas:

• Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Technology
• Life Sciences
• Health Sciences
• Social Sciences and Humanities

Why Choose InTechOpen Books?

Becoming a part of InTechOpen’s growing community is not only beneficial to authors in pursuit of recognition and larger readerships. It is also an opportunity for academics to maximize their scientific contribution by collaborating with scholars from around the world, thereby creating new opportunities for a scientific breakthrough, while making these findings accessible to everyone.

InTechOpen is a member of many Open Access publishing organizations and is also endorsed by Web of Science as well as major scientific databases such as World Cat.

The InTechOpen team includes:

  • Ground-breaking researchers, Nobel Prize winners, and the world’s most cited authors
  • Academic advisors spanning a wide range of scientific fields
  • An editorial team dedicated to helping authors achieve the highest quality of scientific research

We wish to invite authors to join the InTechOpen community and support our vision to help scholars excel in their respective fields: make new discoveries, reach wider audiences, and ultimately contribute to the global community.